Knitting for babies

19 Sep

First of all, no. I don’t have a baby, I am not pregnant nor am I planning to.
…But for some reason, my hands itch for babyknits. I can spend hours looking at patterns for small humans, and crave to make them all.
I think it’s my mother-instinct kicking in way to early. Or, it might be because babyknits are way easier than adultknits, and therefor more fun. It also takes less time, and it’s good practice!

I recently found out that one of my family members are having  a baby. Needles to say, I started knitting. The unborn baby has two jackets, two sweaters, four hats and two pairs of socks. I have another jacket on the needles, and I am probably gonna knit more socks (hello, adorable tiny socks).

The sweater I have loved the most so far is the Candlestick.  It was such a beautiful, and nice pattern. I moderated it quite a bit, but the original was so adorable. I am thinking of making another one that is closer to the pattern. It was easy to understand, which was nice. (This was the first sweater I made, yippi!)


The mother to be thinks it’s going to be a boy, so I chose “typical boy colors”. Sewing in the threads after took about as much time as knitting the sweater. I might have made a tiny boo-boo in one of the armpits, but a little extra sewing cleaned it up nicely. I used Trysil Garn Alpa. It was cheap, and soft. Win-win!

Hopefully it will be soft enough for baby skin. I don’t want to be the awful family member that gave the newborn baby a horrible itchy sweater.

(!! Picture for ants because it is very late, and I am too sleepy to do something about it. And I’m probably gonna be to lazy any other day. Zoom in if you want to see a grainy, but bigger version!!)

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