Hello, November

18 Nov

What’s been up sinse the last time I made a post? Well, I’ve been knitting. And crocheting! (say what?! Yes, there will be a post about this sooner or later). I’ve been sleeping a lot, and been excited for christmas, which is right around the corner soon. Yay!

I started a sweater, and finished two pairs of mittens. I frogged a couple of projects, and made them into new things. I planned uses for most of my yarn, and I have not been buying any yarn for a while (go go, me!) .. collage121

Winter came and left twice. Then there was a storm. School and health got in the way of most things.

I bought candy from far away lands, and took a trip to a bigger city to visit one of my best friends. I bought new clothes, and figured it was a good idea to buy a new phone.


I’ve started drinking coffee, which makes me feel a tiny bit more grown up. I wont say goodbye to my unicorn collection just yet, but I might be one step closer to adulthood.

I also put all my tiny yarn balls into a vase because that makes sense.

collage4343Newly casted on mittens, and freaky dino-lamp from boyfriend. He knows me too well.

Hopefully life will be slower, and I will be able to get back on track with life and writing on this blog. I hope everyone is enjoying November so far, and makes time for being cozy. It’s important in these colder times. ~

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