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New yarn and a little stitching

1 Oct

After school today, I decided to go to the yarn store. I only needed a new color thread for my newest cross stitching project. I ended up with 4 colors of threads, and 3 skeins of yarn. Why, yarn store, whyy? Why do you seduce me with your coziness, beauty and soft textures. Sigh. The temptation is just to big. My bank account says no, but my heart says yes. I have to stop listening to my heart, it tricks me into doing stuff my brain doesn’t agree with.

The damage has been done, so I might as well show off my new cuddly companions!

The first yarn I picked up is the newest Drops ❤ you- yarn. The fourth in the series. It’ A mix of 55% alpaca, 40% wool and 5% linen turns out to be a really good combination. I chose the dark blue color, which was surprisingly hard to take a picture off.
The yarn was really cheap too! 17.50 NOK per ball (Ravelry says it’s the same as 2.30 USD and 2-ish EURO). Nice.

ht(The knitting is taking a nap on my fabulous underwear armpit moustache man bag)

I cast on for a hat when I got home. The pattern is Mayne Island Hat by Caitlin ffrench (I could seriously dedicate a whole post to her because she is amazing and gorgeous). Pattern in simple, and good for lazy knitting. So far the hat is sturdy, soft and warm. A girl can’t have too many hats for those long,  humid winters when her hair turns into a ball of frizz. It’s also gonna keep my head toasty and cozy on cold days.

kuni2The second yarn that got to come home with me is Kauni 8/2. I’ve never tried this yarn before. It’s 100% wool, and feels quite scratchy. The lady at the yarn store told me it will be softer after washing and blocking, so I am excited to see what it’s gonna be like. It has the most beautiful color I have seen in a long time. The gradient is gorgeous. I love this yarn to death, and my head is spinning with all the projects I want to make. It was a little expensive (120 NOK (19-ish USD and 14-ish EURO)), but you get like 600 yards, so I think it’s worth it.

I’m so happy with my new purchases. Will update with results of both of them.
As mentioned in the title, I have not yet gotten rid of my cross stitching. Tho’, I have a sad tendency to not finish projects because I get so excited about starting new things (sounds familiar.. Oh, I do the same with knitting). Here is a little peak from my newest project.

MEGAMAN! If only I knew who he was. I was planning on making a blanket for my boyfriend in a 8-bit style. It’s currently hibernating in my knitting basket. I made him this instead.

That’s it for today. Now I have homework Netflix and knitting to do.


(I also want to say Hello! to the people that has liked my posts and started following me)

Cross stitch, much?

28 Sep

Once upon a time, I bought some things to start cross stitching. A starter kit with pattern, thread, needles, fabric and a frame. The pattern was of a cow taking a bath. Fun, silly and right up my alley. Unfortunately, I didn’t start. I found it difficult, and weird. So I buried it deep down in my crafting box, and forgot about it.

A couple of days ago, I found myself not wanting to knit. My knitting spirit was lost, and my wips was staring at me, begging to be finished. But I didn’t want to. I just looked at them, frowned and started looking for something else to do. That’s when I found my cross stitching stuff. I thought to myself that I might as well just try it, if I didn’t like it I could learn to crochet. I did some research, found a new show to watch on Netflix and started sewing.

Surprisingly enough, I liked it. Or, love it might be a more approperiate word to use. I stayed up until 2am stitching until my fingers were sore. (I actually had to put band-aids on my fingers. Yup, that’s how sore I was. I think I have to buy one of those metal finger protectors.)  And I might have done this every night this weekend. The first thing I ended up with was this:

 I ran out of yellow and blue from the starter kit I had. But I found some thread in my moms sewing stuff…. Ehehehhe.  She’ll never know, and if she does, I don’t think she would mind. I think she’s just happy she at least got one kid that loves crafts. It’s not amazing, but its cute. After finishing this, I drove straight down to my local craft store and bought more fabric, thread and one of those nifty frames to sew in. The lady at the store was super helpful, and I drove home with a smile on my face. After some research on different boards on Pinterest, I made this:


A bellsprout showing off it’s swagger. I plan on hanging this in the hallway in me and the boyfriends future apartment. It’s gonna be cool. Right now I’m stitching a little something to show my love for tea. I might make some cross stitch pictures for christmas. How lovely aren’t these to get? Especially if you make them a little silly, and personalize them for the people that will get them? So adorable.

Before I leave, I would like to mention that I was in town today. Not a big deal, but: I went to a kiosk that has a good magazine selection. And I found the new Simply Knitting! I was very excited, but then I saw this:


Blurry and bad picture, but hello! ALAN DART’S CHRISTMAS UNICORN!! How AMAZING is this? My hands itch, and I have selected my yarn and needles. Now I will knit unicorns from sun up to sun down. Life is good.