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10 Sep

Hello! And welcome to this blog of mine.

For many years I had an itch to write whatever came to mind at all times.
This itch made me purchase notebooks. So many that I lost track of how many I actually had after a couple of years. I filled them with thoughts, doodles, notes and ideas. After trying and failing before with this blog-thing, I decided to give it another go.

Who am I? I am a girl (am I still a girl at 20?)… I am a young woman. Hear me roar.
I live in the middle of Norway. Surrounded by woods, mooses, fish and people wearing knitted sweaters all year. Because that’s what we do here, you know. Right now I am finishing school, and being a good student. I love talking, despite being so shy it’s painful.I like rain, pandas and food. I laugh alot. My favoruite part of the day is when I am snuggled in blankets watching Netflix. (I love Netflix. It’s my drug of choise).

This blog will be about knitting, my love for yarn and other crafts I might get into along the way. It will be about tea, and those nights where all I do is drink tea. Taste tests will be done. It’s gonna be about life, and the challenges that I might face. Good and bad. It will also be a place where I think aloud, and write about all of the things that comes to mind, so they stop running around in my head. (Maybe I’ll stop talking in my sleep after a while?)

It will also be about glitter, animals, food and other things related to the things I just wrote about. (I like things).

If any of these topics tickled your brain, I suggest you stay with me on this journey.

Until next time, live long and prosper.